What We Do

Push Alliance (PUSH) is a community, operating within designed confines to provide a framework which members implement to improve their overall quality of life. This is akin to one’s yearly performance review at work being utilized to dictate a person’s quality of performance in the workplace.  At PUSH, we encourage members to work as hard on themselves and their lives as they do on their job.

Each year most workplaces have a process in place for reviewing and evaluating employees. The results of those evaluations are based on the employees’ contributed work over a specified period of time, value added to the company, goals they would like the employees to hit and professional goals the employees may have identified for themselves. The identification and documentation of those items keep employees focused on their actions throughout the year and are used as a reminder if they veer away, to get them back on track.

Companies have processes in place, personnel oversight, tracking mechanisms, incentive models, and accountability measures among other things to keep employees motivated in their professional life. They also create a sense of urgency towards the completion of work items and milestone attainment. However, in most people’s lives the same structure is not in place to help them thrive personally.

Push Alliance provides members with a proven process to assist with lifestyle changes and enhancements to lead a more fulfilling life. PUSH members are supplied with the most amazing instructors to ignite their path towards success, an invigorating community environment of like-minded people to build with, and a sense of urgency towards goal attainment which can’t be manufactured in an isolated environment. Additionally, PUSH provides the tools needed to assist with personal preparedness (or development), effective planning, and inspiration to take action as needed to lead the life they desire. The PUSH methodology and tools serve as the global positioning system (GPS) for our members personal lives just as is utilized on one’s phone or in their car to ensure that they arrive at their desired destination with as less friction as possible, through constant evaluation and re-calibration.

At PUSH, we’ve curated an environment which promotes knowledge sharing and open source thinking among other things. In addition, the same sense of urgency, accountability, expectation of growth, and value add the company you work for expects; we assist you along in that personal journey and push you to work as hard on yourself as you do on your job. Your company CEO (or organization leader) has created a company culture, processes and a framework to help you thrive in an effort to ultimately improve the company’s standings. PUSH has developed an amazing framework to help you maximize fulfillment and satisfaction from your life in a similar way. As the CEO of your life, you are in full control of whether you excel, stagnate or fail. 

Ask yourself, which lane are you in and which lane do you want to be in?

Align your reality with your expectations. Start here.

Persist Until Success Happens

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