What’s the Cost of Commitment?

Only PUSH Members know the true investment—and reward—of becoming a part of this inspirational and motivational community. To find out if the PUSH community is right for you, schedule your Discovery Session today.

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Member Consultation

Prospective PUSH community members are
required to complete a Member Consultation before membership approval. This coaching session will give you actionable steps towards your goals, but also determine whether the PUSH program is a good fit for each prosepctive member.

This one-on-one meeting with a PUSH Success Coach includes:

  • Analysis and feedback on application data, personal goals, and your daily schedule
  • Customized recommendations for immediate action on personal improvements
  • Reviewing benefits of PUSH Planning Tool and PUSH Community
  • Reviewing purpose and expectations for Weekly Retrospective meetings

One Time Payment

Monthly Membership

PUSH Alliance monthly membership includes:

  • Guidance, insight, and feedback from PUSH Success Coaches
  • Weekly Retrospective Meeting (via Zoom) with PUSH Team to review status of weekly planned goals, your overall progress and team activities
  • An environment that’s conducive to personal growth and development
  • 24/7 Accessibility to PUSH Community
  • Access to PUSH Planning Tool
  • Access to information sharing forums and recommendations from the PUSH Community as needed
  • Access to PUSH Member Portal (resources, references & more)
  • Invitations to fun, fitness, and favor (philanthropy) events

Billed Monthly

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Persist Until Success Happens

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