Jose – Program Manager

Being a part of PUSH has provided me with the tools and moral support to achieve my goals one step at a time. Prior to joining PUSH, I had a lot on my to-do list (i.e., hang frames, change car wipers, organize the garage, etc.) that I was leaving for “tomorrow.” Mind you, these items had been on this list for months (over or about 12 months). Thanks to PUSH I’ve allocated the necessary time to get these items checked off the list. PUSH has also helped me grow in various facets of my life, such as personal and professional development, in addition to health/fitness.

One of the biggest things I’ve accomplished since joining PUSH is finally starting my Financial Planning & Coaching business. After years of being on the fence with doing it and how to do it, PUSH has literally pushed me (pun intended) to go for it, and I did! It’s one of the most gratifying feelings. I plan to continue to build on the progress and momentum into 2020.

Shaunda – Supply Chain Engineer

The concept of PUSH is amazing. You know how when you get a new car and then you see it everywhere, that is what has been happening to me with PUSH. Just a reinforcement that you need a community of people to help you. Since joining PUSH I have gained a new found awareness of how I allocate my time in all areas of my life. One key area has been with my friends and family and ensuring that I make it a priority to reach out to non-immediate family and friends.Secondly, getting a push to move forward in exploring my passion for fitness. Since joining PUSH I have since committed to starting SEM (Simple, Effective, and Mindful) Fitness, the first part will be a bootcamp.

Larry – Survey Statistician

Since I’ve joined, I’ve become more conscious of how I spend my time. I had never prioritized the different areas of my life before and that was one of the initial steps in PUSH. Then to plan out my week/month/year around those priorities. That’s just awesome to me. But more importantly, being in a group where everyone is interested in progressing and helping push the others to be better… can’t beat it with a stick.

Chris – Senior Program Manager

So far PUSH has provided me the structure and accountability to make the changes in my life that I need to make to achieve the goals I desire. I’m still working on it but step by step I’m becoming the person I want to be.

Matt – External Relations Officer

I’m thankful for Deon for leading and pushing us to identify and pursue our goals, and for his great example of service to others. PUSH has helped me see how I spend my time (which alone was/is enlightening), and is enabling me to be MUCH more intentional about focusing on the things that matter and getting things done instead of just thinking about it.

Nassieve – CRM Developer

As a member of the Push Alliance I have taken back control of my time on a weekly basis and am definitely more productive with that time and able to focus more on things which are important to me. The accomplishment of which I am proudest of currently is the dedication I’ve applied to improving my physical fitness. Prior to PUSH I was able to run a 5K (3.1 Miles) in 30+ minutes. After rededicating myself to the process as a result of my PUSH Membership and the accountability it brings amongst other things, I completed and surpassed my 5K goal of 24 Min and completed it in 21m & 30s. Additionally, my awareness from being a part of PUSH has inspired me to be more helpful around the house to my spouse and help out with chores more frequently, which is a big help to her and she appreciates.

Lastly, being around like-minded people that want better for themselves is extremely beneficial and allows me to continue to push myself in various ways not get comfortable with where I am in life.

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