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Self-Discipline and Accountability

PUSH affords me the time to set up my day correctly. I’ve always wanted to get things done in the morning but never did. Now, giving myself that time in the morning really sets up my entire day: I can meditate, exercise, get extra paperwork out of the way. And I have a strong sense of accountability. If I fail to do what I say I’m going to do, my entire PUSH team/family pays for it alongside me.

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Accountability in Achieving My Goals

PUSH is all about accountability. It gives me the chance to reflect each week on my goals: what I’ve done, what I haven’t done. It’s the chance to reassess and make sure I’m on the right path toward achieving my goals… PUSH has enabled me to self-reflect and assess my goals. Meeting with folks weekly and talking through our struggles shows that we’re all here trying to do things and it’s not always easy.

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A PUSH for My Health

I needed a push in getting back my physical fitness and health… I had been building myself as a professional and I did that at the cost of my health. I needed a reset and a group of folks to hold me accountable.

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Overcoming Obstacles

I used to feel isolated and alone in my pursuits. That made it hard for me to want to keep pushing toward my goals. But when I joined PUSH, I noticed seven other people who were working through similar issues, struggles, or goals, which definitely gave me a different type of motivation. PUSH Alliance is a place where like-minded individuals work together to overcome obstacles or problems they’re having in pursuing or reaching their goals. It’s a place where you…

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A Mind Shift Plus Tangible Steps

PUSH gave me a mind shift and change in perspective. I always wanted to be this type of person but I wasn’t. PUSH makes you walk the walk. It showed me that I CAN be that person. PUSH has given me tangible steps that can get me to where I want to be, whether it’s my career, fitness, relationship, or diet.

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Power to Identify and Achieve My Goals

PUSH Alliance is a community of growth-oriented people who push and empower each other to identify and achieve their goals. It is helpful being around people who also want to get better. I have a better sense of how I spend my time on a week-to-week basis—and I can be transparent and absolutely honest about that. PUSH led me to figure out how I want to spend my time and where to put my focus in order to reach my…

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