The dynamics of a team, work the same on the field as they do off. For most of my life I’ve felt that I could carry the load (of a team, my family or friends) on my back to complete significant tasks alone. Needless to say, the overwhelming majority of those instances I’ve been proven incorrect. Two of the major contributors to my failures I personally feel have been underestimating the importance of energy and intentions. Failure to surround myself with others that have had the correct amount of both have provided me with important lessons. Championship teams are able to win championships because the players on the team have goals which are in alignment and each player is intentional about fulfilling their identified role. However, players occupying teams with misaligned intentions or a lack of desire (energy) to be on that team can alter the outcome of expected results.

Moving forward, it’s beneficial to be mindful and ask ourselves a few questions to improve our chances of achieving the desired results sooner. Why are we keeping the company of certain people? What are their intentions for our family, friendship, etc.? Are we pursuing a similar goal or traveling the same path to a certain point? Can we be helpful to one another? Do they have a mindset and desire to win and progress? Do they have unquestionable will-power? There are no right or wrong answers, it’s simply a question of what’s the purpose of your team and what is the identified goal? Finally, ask yourself “Do the identified players situate the team optimally for victory?” Remember, we only get so many chances to take advantage of the window of opportunity with our family, our career or business, and progress in life. Choose wisely. Your future depends on it.

Persist Until Success Happens #PUSH

Happy Monday Everyone! Another week to get better and grow more. Let’s Roll!!

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