In order to change our bodies, it takes time, effort and consistency. Naturally, folks want something that can get them to their desired body as quickly as possible. The problem here is that any kind of body transformation takes longer than you think it will.

The graphic below illustrates my journey with weight loss over the past year. You can see that my weight (one metric we can use to assess progress) has gone up and down throughout this process. That is completely normal! The thing we want to see is that number trending down over time. Weight is one measure but the number fluctuates on the daily so I only measure myself once a month. The way I feel, the way I perform in workouts, and the way my clothes fit are way more important metrics to me.

I’ve been able to achieve success by doing the following things:

  • Following the plate method with a strong focus on eating unprocessed foods
  • Aiming for at least 30g of protein per meal (lean cuts of protein – ground turkey, chicken breast, salmon, scallops)
  • Exercising (strength training 3 to 5x a week)
  • Limiting my sugar intake (no soda, juice or other high-calorie drinks)
  • Taking walks (5000+ steps a day)

Throughout this journey, I’ve not been perfect. There are times when I’ve had more drinks than I’ve intended to, ate too many sweets or had fast food. But, the majority of my meals were nutritionally balanced and provided my body with the nourishment it needed. Consistency trump perfection as you work to reach your goals!

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