We all tend to believe we see things as they are and that we are impartial. That is certainly not the case. We view the world, not as it is, but rather as we are or as we have been conditioned to see it. When we share our views with others, we effectively describe the current person we are, our realizations, and our way of thinking. When we don’t see eye-to-eye with others we tend to think something is wrong with them. That is also not the case. We all see things differently looking through binoculars which have been crafted from our personal experiences.

Facts are facts, and there is no denying that. But how we each interpret these evident truths represent past experiences and those facts have limited meaning without interpretation. The key, is to utilize the experiences of others to examine them against reality. You want to listen to wisdoms shared from others and be open to their perceptions which will ultimately provide a larger picture for a much more objective view. This is how personal progress can be multiplied in your life through effective interactions with others.

Happy Monday Everyone! A new week’s upon us. Let’s Crush It!!! ????

Persist Until Success Happens #PUSH