A friendly neighbor across the way,
Always with something new, to my dismay.
A new desire begins to burn,
As dislike and disgust begin to churn.
How much do they earn? I ask,
More than you, but with what task?
It doesn’t matter, it’s their will that persists,
but where is mine? I wonder, tisk tisk.
Limited by my job, it seems to me,
There is too much risk to break free.

So I stare and admire from afar,
Distracted and confused, my thoughts ajar.
Status and wealth, my ego needs.
At my future peril, I fear, indeed.
In search of credit due to greed,
nonetheless, I do proceed.
Financial ruin may await,
but envy drives me to that state.
Now I drown myself in debt,
my future self will not forget.
And so I’m stuck again, oh no!
Back to the job, I hate! I go.
This time feeling worse than before.
I know what’s awry, what’s amiss, for sure.
As something’s wrong deep in my bones,
damn that neighbor, that Mr. Jones!

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