Many of us are attached to this idea of independence and being “self made”. I understand that self preservation is the first law of nature, so naturally we are prone to advancing our own agendas. However, I disagree with the independence movement and have observed enough case studies to fully believe that interdependence is the way. Better outcomes and much higher rates of success are achieved as a result of it. 

I think it’s clear already, but quickly I’d like to review the notion of successful companies. They didn’t come to be successful as a result of one person’s effort. It’s from a multitude of people and the sum of those individuals’ engagement, thoughts, and actions. They create structure together, challenge each other, share ideas, thoughts and information, evaluate, adjust, and re-engage as needed all while working towards common goals, together. There are many moving parts needed to build a successful company and doing so alone is extremely difficult.

Our individuals lives I see no differently. Yes, we can go through life alone and have some success along the way. However, can we achieve more if we are a part of a great team inside of a supportive and productive environment? Yes! Greater odds are in your favor and it’s also a lot more fun along the journey.

Most people have interest in the following things:

  • Family – Providing for and taking care of their family and kids especially, to ensure they are equipped with the best resources possible to thrive in life.
  • Relationships – Spending time with family, friends and significant others to build, strengthen and maintain bonds.
  • Field – Your job, career, and/or business and ensuring you’re growing or improving your skill set to create more value in order to ultimately improve your life situation.
  • Finances – Money. It makes the world go around and for you to go around in it, you need it unfortunately. Having more of it allows you to live more freely.
  • Faith – Creating, sustaining and growing in whatever higher power you believe in.
  • Fitness – Engaging in productive eating habits, physical fitness and mental fitness to ensure an ideally long and healthy life.
  • Favor – Giving to others without the expectation of anything in return. The ability to help family, friends and strangers in a meaningful way is extremely gratifying.
  • Fun – Enjoying life and all the spoils of it.

As the director of my life and you of yours I think it’s safe to say that we would like to be proficient in most of these areas of life. However, it’s difficult to do so alone because you may not know how to supplement your child’s education at home, strategies for reducing your debt or investment vehicles to improve or assist your financial goals, what fitness regimen to partake in (or when and how to perform the movements) or how to improve your career position or start a business among other things. [Deep Sigh] There’s always  so much to think about and do that as a result most of us become overwhelmed and only do the minimum (parent, work, zone out after the work day, sleep, wake up, repeat and if it’s the weekend we go out to numb the pain from the previous five days – or stay in and check out mentally (Netflix and chill). The status quo lifestyle and the lack of fulfillment and under-performing is stifling. 

What if you had help? What if you could talk to someone about your financial situation and get assistance or perspective to improve it? What if you could be inspired to workout with others to lose or gain weight and get fitter together? What if you could work harder on yourself to be more knowledgeable and increase your feeling of self worth or value? What if you could learn from others that have been where you are? What if you had a team to help you become a better you? What if you could also help those helping you in other ways?

Where you are weak, others are strong and where you are strong, others may be weak. If we work together, consistently, in a productive and supportive manner we will all benefit and build better lives for ourselves and our families. We are the directors of our lives and just as a company succeeds via team dynamics, the most successful people have done so the same way. Independence is what we were taught but Interdependence is the way. Hellen Keller says it best, Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. Can you be doing more? Can others help you and you help others? Can you be better?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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