I’m a firm believer that success is determined by the decisions you make everyday. A routine allows you to establish daily habits conducive to attaining your desired goal(s). Achievements which provide great satisfaction and fulfillment are not attained through sporadic engagement. If you feel as though the goal you have does not need to be tended to daily, your goal isn’t big enough or you may not have found what it is you truly desire or are passionate about just yet.

The success you’ve had with your job, as an example, is a direct reflection of the intentionality and repeated process you’ve engaged in over the years to progress in your career. The majority of the progress made was intentional because you focused consistently on growing there. Five days a week for X amount of years has yielded some decent results for many and most are cruising through. What would happen if you were laser focused on your thoughts, energy, environment, effort, and intentions daily as it pertains to your life? Think about it.

Happy Monday Everyone! A new week has arrived. Let’s Work!!! ????‍♂️?

Persist Until Success Happens #PUSH