Lesson 2: Gratitude (by James Dowd and Denise Farrell)

Gratitude is something many people struggle with. Maybe growing up a misguided adult told you how ungrateful you were going to be. As a result, you may have even held on to worn out relationships because you were afraid of being called ungrateful. Maybe you always felt like your heart was stone when it came to being grateful. Maybe it has been easier to complain.

The Science of Getting Rich book teaches, in chapter 7, that gratitude is one of the keys to keeping yourself in vibrational harmony with what you want to attract. It also helps you just feel good. Gratitude is one of the elevated emotions, that when done right, you can feel your heart opening up. The feeling of gratitude connects you with the universe, as the universe only understands thoughts and feelings, and thus it will deliver you more things for which to be grateful.

We like to think of the universe as a servant or a butler. If you treat the servant good, then they will give you the best service. They will give you more things for which to be grateful. However, if you complained about everything that the servant brought to you, that servant would not want to serve you anymore. The universe gives you more of what you complain about because it figures what you complain about is what you want.

So how do you get into the habit of gratitude if it is hard? It simply must be cultivated. As you cultivate it in your heart, your heart will be filled with an abundance of it.

How do you cultivate gratitude?
Gratitude Creates Abundance

Abraham Hicks says “as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, start thinking and feeling gratitude.” It could be anything, your home, your car, the air you breath, the job you have, that you woke up, etc. You can even thank God in advance for something that you want, such as a child with a speech impediment no longer having one. Another example could be expressing gratitude that your business thrives. You get the idea. 

Abraham Hicks says “that if this is done for 60 mornings in a row, as the first thing you do when you awaken, then you will start to draw in more things that you can be grateful for.”

Lets say that your life sucks right now, you can still have a feeling of gratitude for the little things. Be grateful that you have a nose, that you can breath etc. That still counts! 

When you think of the things to be grateful for it can’t be a rogue act. Something that you check off on your to do list. NO! It should be something that you engage as much feeling into. When you do this things will speed up and work even more in your favor. 

Bob Proctor also suggests that you make a list of 10 things that you are grateful for, then think of 3 people who are bothering you-send them love and finally ask God for your next step on a project that is important to you that day. What will happen is that brilliant ideas will start popping up in your mind. 

Your willingness to have gratitude will make or break your success. You choose!

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