Have you ever played sports on a winning team, went on a really fun vacation with friends, or had a team deliverable due at work? If you have then you would know that the success of each depended on others as well as yourself. You also have an idea of what’s required to be a part of a winning team and to achieve something greater than what can be done individually.

  • No individual can win a championship against a team of others. 
  • No individual can have an amazing vacation with friends if they’re not on the same page about the agenda, participating in events, and/or are not open to interacting and engaging.
  • No team project will be a success if everyone isn’t willing to do their part to make it a success.

You can have a star player with a good team that almost makes the playoffs, you can have a decent or good trip if people aren’t on the same page, and you can have a satisfactory completed project even if individuals don’t put forth their full effort for the benefit of the team. However, none of the aforementioned items will be as great as they could be IF everyone made the contribution necessary to yield the desired results. There’s a difference between good and great, which starts with a true desire to win championships. That alone, amongst the majority of individuals who are a part of the team is a prerequisite to the TEAM realizing their potential.

The PUSH Community is a team. The opponent we’re preparing to beat, the trip we’re taking looking to have a blast on, and the immaculate project we’re planning to submit prior to the deadline is… LIFE! If we attack life as a team sharing, energizing, informing, advising, assisting, supporting, and working with each other, we greatly increase our odds of success as a team and individually.

The main question is, do you want to be a part of a championship team? Championship teams are made up of championship players. Championship players give to the team what they expect from it. You can not be a part of a championship team (or will not be for long) if you aren’t willing to perform your duties to achieve the team’s ultimate goal of winning a championship.

Here’s where things get interesting to me. Everyone wants to be a part of a championship team. No one, and I mean no one wakes up on any given day and says, “I want to be a loser!” or “I want to be average!”. People want to WIN! So ask yourself, are you willing to be a winner and do your part for the team in order to be amongst other winners?

A championship team, which is also a truly interdependent team is key for a change in mindset, which is the foundation that extraordinary results are built upon. The success of others, becomes each team member’s success and the impact that each person has on the other team members becomes an opportunity to inspire others. That inspiration impacts every other aspect of our lives when utilized optimally.

The little things matter, even if you can’t see them initially. Over time, they become obvious. Team work really does make the dream work. 

Persist Until Success Happens #PUSH

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