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PUSH Progress with Jose Vides

I caught up with Jose to discuss the pursuit of one of his top goals (no. 2) this year, which is to improve his physical fitness and strength. The specific goal is to complete 10 pull ups by year end. For years Jose has neglected his fitness in many ways and finally decided it was time for a change. Spoiler alert, he’s excelling and inspiring many within the PUSH community as we witness his dedication to progress. I think those…

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PUSH Progress with Shaunda Miller

I caught up with Shaunda, to discuss pursuing her interest for fitness and how PUSH assisted her in doing so. For years, she’s thought about starting a Fitness Boot-camp. Well, not only did she get the ball rolling on starting her boot-camp, but she also successfully launched her Personal and Group Fitness training business, SEM Fitness. That’s Progress!! Check out my interview with her as she tells us her plans for helping people better themselves through fitness. SEM Fitness provides…

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