How To Make Snacking Work In Your Diet

Snacking is something that we all do. This habit is something that can aid in the pursuit of our goals or can contribute negatively to our progress. Naturally, folks may think that snacking is a bad thing but that is not the way to think about it. The key thing to keep in mind is moderation. Incorporating your favorite foods in moderation is a key component of living out a lifestyle that allows you to reach your nutrition goals in…

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The Importance of Water in Our Diets

Water makes up approximately 70 percent of the human body and is essential for living and helps our bodies function. Water regulates our internal body temperature  Water carries nutrients through our bloodstream Water helps with the removal of body waste Your daily goal should be to drink at least half your bodyweight in ounces. You may need even more depending on your activity level! Here are a few tips to help you reach your goal. 1. Drink water first thing in…

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Common Pitfalls of Dieting

As a nutrition and fitness coach, I have the opportunity to work with people as they work to transform their wellness habits. When it comes to nutrition, there are common struggles I’ve noticed amongst my clients. Focusing on Restriction Instead of Moderation In the case of someone trying to lose weight, there is a tendency to focus on restriction. This is completely understandable and seems logical to do but it is not the most sustainable way to reach your nutrition…

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How To Eat More And Still Reach Your Nutrition Goals?

As you work to reach your nutrition goals, having knowledge about what you are eating goes a long way. Here’s a quick review of an important nutritional concept that’ll help you on the journey to making healthier choices. Caloric density is a measure of how many calories are in a given food. If a food has low caloric density, at any given weight or volume, the food has less calories. You can consume more of these foods without having a…

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The Reality of Weight Loss or Body Transformation

In order to change our bodies, it takes time, effort and consistency. Naturally, folks want something that can get them to their desired body as quickly as possible. The problem here is that any kind of body transformation takes longer than you think it will. The graphic below illustrates my journey with weight loss over the past year. You can see that my weight (one metric we can use to assess progress) has gone up and down throughout this process.…

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Choosing the Right Foods

As we work to change our bodies and improve our nutritional habits, this always holds true: If we consume more food (calories/energy) than our bodies use, we gain weight. If we consume less food (calories/energy) than our bodies use, we lose weight. The food choices that we make have a direct impact on the progress of our health goals. If you think about it, a calorie is a calorie. 500 calories of chicken breast and 500 calories of candy provide…

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Nutrition Guidance

When it comes to nutrition, there are a variety of methods you can use to reach your goals. The first thought that typically comes to someone’s mind is pursuing an alteration to their eating habits aka a diet. I think diets have their place in helping people reach their goals but they are typically not the most sustainable approach. You have people that yo-yo diet without ever truly reaching their nutritional goals. They are always fighting to lose that same…

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