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The Crypto Bug.

There is something going around like Covid but worse.Be careful when you hear “welcome to the Crypto-verse.”In order to prepare you, my friend,here are some lessons to help you, hopefully, a godsend.As the saying goes… The trend is your friend; until it isn’t.If you don’t pay attention, it’s crypto you’ll lament. This crypto bug is viral and contagious.Once bitten you’ll be smitten, it’s completely outrageous.There is crazy volatility and exponentially more risk.Watch out as the crypto market movements they are…

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Keeping Up…

A friendly neighbor across the way,Always with something new, to my dismay.A new desire begins to burn,As dislike and disgust begin to churn.How much do they earn? I ask,More than you, but with what task?It doesn’t matter, it’s their will that persists,but where is mine? I wonder, tisk tisk.Limited by my job, it seems to me,There is too much risk to break free. So I stare and admire from afar,Distracted and confused, my thoughts ajar.Status and wealth, my ego needs.At…

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