Creating Your Own Reality

Gratitude Transforms Your Reality

Lesson 2: Gratitude (by James Dowd and Denise Farrell) Gratitude is something many people struggle with. Maybe growing up a misguided adult told you how ungrateful you were going to be. As a result, you may have even held on to worn out relationships because you were afraid of being called ungrateful. Maybe you always felt like your heart was stone when it came to being grateful. Maybe it has been easier to complain. The Science of Getting Rich book…

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You CAN Create Your Own Reality!

Lesson 1: Affirmations (by James Dowd and Denise Farrell) What is an Affirmation? An affirmation is something that you tell yourself that you want. It could be a physical object, a mental skill, a feeling, an event/experience or anything else you could possibly think of.  Step 1: Say It Two examples of “saying it” would be: I am so happy and grateful now that I am at the ideal weight for my body type. I am so happy and grateful…

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Persist Until Success Happens

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