Characteristics of Success (Part 2)

What are the characteristics of success, what are they composed of and how are they acquired? How can someone that believes they don’t have said characteristics develop them? How can you be armed with these characteristics in order to position yourself for success? Simple; you need to be able and willing to self-evaluate or work with someone you believe that can help you do so. I believe that step one, in mainly all situations begins with awareness. Knowing is half…

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Characteristics of Success (Part 1)

Success in achieving an identified goal is realized through a certain process. Failure occurs through the same, albeit opposite process. Success and failure leaves clues and if you watch close enough the clues are easily revealed to you. Success is desired by everyone, but not everyone is willing to do what it takes to secure it. For the purpose of use within this article, I’m going to define success as; the progressive realization of a desired vision and planned goal(s). …

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Interdependence is the Way

Many of us are attached to this idea of independence and being “self made”. I understand that self preservation is the first law of nature, so naturally we are prone to advancing our own agendas. However, I disagree with the independence movement and have observed enough case studies to fully believe that interdependence is the way. Better outcomes and much higher rates of success are achieved as a result of it.  I think it’s clear already, but quickly I’d like…

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