Deon Dalton

Consistency of Mindset

The importance of the construct of your mindset can not be overstated. Many get excited about the new year and a fresh start. Many of those same people are out of the game four weeks later; if we’re being generous. The first encounter of difficulty, resistance or failure of one’s ideal result creates a mass exodus towards the exit. Begin with the end in mind. Ask yourself, “Can you be dedicated to the process of what you’re doing without being…

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Getting to the Root

A fundamental shift in thinking tends to occur mostly on two occasions. The first is a life-threating event and the other is out of “necessity” when suddenly thrust into a new role (parent, work responsibilities, leader, etc.). People’s attitudes and behaviors undergo serious change. Our attitude and behaviors are important but have relatively small influence on the actual changes we see in our lives. In order to make significant changes we need to work on our foundational mindset and viewpoint.…

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Only One Ride

Just as the law of gravity has it that everything is pulled downward, naturally as humans we favor the path of least resistance. Without planning and direction, our life will inevitably trend the same way. I love having fun, hanging out, and going with the “flow” I really do but that’s a passive way of living. Your life and your gifts can be squandered away if those activities aren’t effectively monitored. Life is not a movie currently in production. You…

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Mission Impossible

We as humans, have the ability to do anything. The caveat however is that we can’t do everything. The more things you want to do, the less of something else you’ll be able to do. You have to decide what you want and then fully commit to making that desire a reality. You see, people that straddle the fence do not want to give to get. They don’t want to surrender one thing in order to gain something else. This…

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